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TSTRANSCO AE (Electrical) PART-A Question Paper & Key Held on 29-11-2015

TSTRANSCO Assistant Engineer Electrical (PART-A) Question Paper & Key is available now. Telangana State Transmission Company Limited TSTRANSCO conducted a written test for the recruitment of Assistant Engineer AE (Electrical) on 29th November 2015. TSTRANSCO Assistant Engineer Key & Question Paper can be downloaded here. Candidates those who have appeared for the TSTRANSCO AE Recruitment 2015 Exam can check the Answer Keys of Set-A, Set-B , Set-C, Set-D from the links given below.

TSTRANSCO AE 2015 Electrical Question Paper consists of

  • Part-A: Electrical Subject – 80 Questions
  • Part-B: General Awareness& Numerical Ability – 20 Questions

TSTRANSCO Assistant Engineer AE 2015 Official Answer Key will be published soon by TSTRANSCO on official website: http://tstransco.cgg.gov.in.

TSTRANSCO Assistant Engineer Key & AE Question Paper 2015

Click here for TSTRANSCO Assistant Engineer AE 2015 Question Paper(Booklet Code – A)

Click here for TSTRANSCO AE Key 2015 (Electrical)

Click here for Part -B: General Studies & General Abilities Key


Part -A: TSTRANSCO AE Electrical Engineering Questions & Answers

Here are some questions with Key

1.Millman’s Theorem yields equivalent

  1. Impedance or Resistance
  2. Current Source
  3. Voltage Source
  4. Voltage/ Current Source

2.In a Pure Resistive circuit, The average power Pavg is____ the Peak power Pmax

  1. Double
  2. One Half of
  3. One Fourth
  4. Equal to

3. When the power transferred to the load is maximum , the efficiency of the power transfer is

  1. 25%
  2. 75%
  3. 50%
  4. 100%

4. In dc machines, the armature windings are placed on the rotor because of the necessity for

  1. Electro Mechanical Energy Conversion
  2. Generation of Voltage
  3. Commutation
  4. Development of Torque

5. The fall in speed of a dc Generator due to increase in load can be corrected by

  1. Cooling the armature
  2. increasing the Excitation
  3. Reducing the load voltage
  4. Increasing the Input to the Prime mover

6. The desirable properties of transformer core material are

  1. Low permeability and low Hysteresis Loss
  2. High permeability and High Hysteresis Loss
  3. High permeability and low Hysteresis Loss
  4. Low permeability and Hysteresis Loss

7. In a synchronous Machine, if the Field flux axis ahead of the armature field axis in the Direction of Rotation, The machine is Operating as

  1. Synchronous Motor
  2. Synchronous Generator
  3. Asynchronous Motor
  4. Asynchronous Generator

8. In an Induction Motor if the Flux density is reduced to One Half of its Normal value, Then the Torque will

  1. Reduce to One Half
  2. Reduce to One Fourth
  3. Remain unchanged
  4. Increase Four times

9. How can the steady state error in a system be reduced

  1. By decreasing the type of System
  2. By increasing the system gain
  3. By decreasing the Static Error Constant
  4. By increasing the input

10. The purpose of Guard Ring in Transmission lines is to

  1. Reduce the Earth capacitance of the lowest unit
  2. Increase the Earth capacitance of the lowest unit
  3. Reduce the Transmission lines losses
  4. Reduce the Reactance of the line

11. which portion of the power system is least prone to fault?

  1. alternators
  2. switchgear
  3. transformers
  4. Overheadlines

12. The main function of economiser of a boiler plant is to

  1. increase steam Production
  2. Reduce fuel consumption
  3. increase steam pressure
  4. increase life of the boiler

13.What is the Gray code word for the binary number 101011?

  1. 101011
  2. 110101
  3. 011111
  4. 111110

14. The material used in liquid fuses is

  1. SF6
  2. distilled water
  3. carbon tetra chloride
  4. transformer oil

15. The arc in a circuit breaker is

  1. in the phase with the arc current
  2. lagging the arc current by 900
  3. leading the arc current by 90o
  4. lagging the arc current by 180o

16. Buchholz relay is

  1. located in the conservator tank
  2. located in the transformer tank itself
  3. connected in the pipe connecting main tank of transformer and conservator
  4. installed in the circuit breaker

17. For protection of rotating machines against lighting surges______is used

  1. lightning arrester
  2. capacitor
  3. combination of lightning arrester and capacitor
  4. lightning conductor and arrester

18. The stability of the power system is not affected by

  1. generator reactance
  2. line reactance
  3. line losses
  4. output torque

19. Reactor mirrors employed for exploiting solar energy are called the

  1. Mantle
  2. Heliostats
  3. Diffusers
  4. Ponds

20. The capital cost of a power plant depends on

  1. Total installed capacity only
  2. Total Number of units only
  3. Total installed capacity and number of units as well
  4. Neither the installed capacity nor number of units

21. The load duration curve for unity load factor will be of

  1. Rectangular Shape
  2. Triangular shape
  3. L- shape
  4. I – shape

22. The knowledge of diversity factor helps in computing

  1. Plant capacity
  2. Average load
  3. Units (k Wh) generated
  4. Peak demand

23. In parallel RLC resonance circuit at resonance the current will be

  1. Minimum
  2. Maximum
  3. Zero
  4. Infinite

24. A transformer has negative voltage regulation when its load power factor is

  1. Zero
  2. Unity
  3. Leading
  4. Lagging

25. Breaking capacity of a circuit breaker is usually expressed in terms of

  1. Ampere
  2. Volts
  3. MW
  4. MVA

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