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IBPS Clerks IV Key & Question Paper held on 13.12.2014 (Morning Shift)

IBPS Clerks IV online exam held on 13th December 2014. IBPS Clerks IV exam consists of General Awareness, Banking Awareness, Computers, English Language, Numerical Ability and Reasoning. Here we posted some questions based on memory – General Awareness, Banking Awareness and Computer questions asked in IBPS Clerks IV held on 13th December 2014. Here you can get IBPS Clerks 2014 Solved Question Paper.

General Awareness Questions asked in IBPS Clerks IV held on 13th Dec 2014 (Morning Shift)

SAARC (South Asian Association of Regional Cooperation) summit 2014 theme – “Deeper Integration for Peace and Prosperity”

UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) Headquarter – New York

Guangzhou china sister city – Ahmedabad

Brazil Currency – Real

Narendra modi is the second prime minister who gave speech in Hindi in UN, first was – Atal Bihari Vajpayee

Seema Poonia is related to which sports – Discus Throw

KYC used for – Anti Money Laundering

ISRO got Indira peace n disarmament award.

saudi arabia Capital – Riyadh

Women Kabaddi Team won which medal in the 2014 Asian games – Gold Medal

Richard Flanagan is the citizen of- Australia

wind power project – Rajasthan

Life time aachievement award lord of honors to – Kapil Dev (other options are:sachin,dhoni,kohli)

Nobel Prize in Literature 2014 is given to – Patrick Modiano

Constituency of Nitin Gadkari – Nagpur

Air Force Day – 8th October

Highest in sex ratio – kerala

UK rejected scotland referendum

Minister of Science and Technology – Harsh Vardhan

Top Country in Asian Games medals tally– China

Gujarat govt. declared Vadodara as – State Cultural Capital

Tintu Luka related to which Sports? – Athletics

Out of 100 smart cities,USA would help in making of 3 cities:: ajmer, vishakapattnam,allahabad

Banking Awareness Questions asked in IBPS Clerks IV held on 13th Dec 2014 (Morning Shift)

Middle 3 digit in MICR Denotes – Bank Name

After SBI which bank launched scheme for kids – ICICI

Max limit of PPF (Public Provident Fund) – 1.5 Lakh

Muhammad Yunus Concept of micro credit

NPA full form – non performing asset

IPO stands for – Initial Public Offering

Which one is Not the regulator- PMJDY (other options are::SEBI,RBI,IRDA)

ING Bank merged with which bank? – Kotak Mahindra

Cheque truncation means??

CASA (Current and savings account) related to – demand deposits

Time Limit of DD – 6 months

ECS full form – Electronic Clearing System

NAV- Net Asset Value

Interest on Saving Account is given on? – Daily basis

What is Demand Liabilities and Time Liabilities?

Which one is not a monetary tool? – Base Rate (repo,reserve repo rate,SLR,CRR)

Computer Questions asked in IBPS Clerks IV held on 13th December 2014 (Morning Shift)

Full form of BIOS stands– Basic Input Output System

Full form of PDF– portable document format

Speed of scanner measured in==options baud,bps,pixel,

GIGO stands for- Garbage in Garbage Out

Verge e-mail service is provided by which company- IBM

What is Option to go at the end of the page – Ctrl + End

What is Option to go to the first line of the page? – Ctrl + home

Which of the following is an operating System – Windows 8

MS DOS is – Command Based OS

IBPS Clerks IV 2014 Expected cut off for Gen, OBC, SC, ST ?

Candidates can share their Experience, Expected cut off and Post some questions through the Comments, which will be helpful for others.

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